Volunteers assist in moving debris at Heritage Softball Park Complex.

Heritage Park Softball Complex is in need of volunteers for debris cleanup before they can open for this year’s softball season and tournaments that they will have as the summer goes on.

“We are in the process of trying to get debris cleaned up off the park still,” Rec Programs & Athletic Facilities Supervisor David Cavin said. “Out of the fencing and in the dugouts, and tight areas where the flood waters washed stuff in there.”

Silt has hardened on sidewalks and dugouts. Dust and dry conditions have made it harder to keep surfaces clear even after removing the silt.

In 2011, the flood waters sat for much longer and did not affect the fields until late June into July.

Cavin expressed that this year’s flood did not cause as much damage but with the uncommon earlier flooding in March they haven’t even been able to open the gates.

There are more problems than just debris in the dugouts and fields.

Water and electric also have been shut off. Irrigation systems have been backed up making it impossible to run sprinkles even if water was turned on.

Game times also will have to pushed up and held before dark with the lack of electricity.

“Our biggest damage beyond what’s apparent with the fields are some lost events. We’ve had to cancel because of the flooding which relates to lost revenue for programs within the city and other user groups and people that would rent the facility for fundraisers,” said Cavin.

Heritage Park makes the most revenue from concession stands which have been stripped and torn apart from water damage.

The parks and recreation department fears that more problems will occur with scoreboard power and less grass growing back along the fence line in the months to come.

The park had to cancel their first tournament last weekend, but hopes to have games going in a week or two.

Anyone interested in volunteering to clean up can come to Heritage Park Softball Complex on Friday from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Volunteers must be over 10 years old and should wear long pants, close-toed shoes and bring a pair of gloves.