Throughout the weekend, cleanup crews from Union Pacific Railway will have their hands full as they clear away 70 train cars’ worth of sand.

The train was headed southbound near the Iowa border in Mercer County when it overturned, spilling sand all along the track near U.S Highway 65 and the Destiny Loop. Kristen South, junior director of corporate communications and media relations for Union Pacific, said that while a large mess was made, the derailment did not present much danger.

“There’s no hazmat involved, no one was hurt and the cause is still under investigation,” South said. “We hope to have the tracks reopened by Sunday.”

South said neither civilians nor workers were injured, and to her knowledge there are no roads being blocked by the sand.

Mercer County Sheriff Dusty Terrill said the cleanup process is being left to the railroad as the damage was limited to property of Union Pacific.

“It made a lot of mess, but didn’t close any highways, and we didn’t have any explosions or anything like that,” Terril said. “It’s just a farming area, and there was nothing as far as crops and houses or anything like that hurt. It was all on railroad property.”

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