Emily Fite

The Yoga Room is moving from its home of 18 years to a new location.

Emily Fite opened the yoga studio in 2001 at 410 Felix St. where she and other instructors offer yoga classes. Starting Saturday, June 1, The Yoga Room will be located eight blocks east at 1202 Felix St.

“We were in the same space for 18 years. I feel like it’s a wonderful place, that we kind of harnessed a lot of good practice and really brought a lot of people to peace, I do believe,” Fite said. “But I think it’s time to transition to a new place, kind of a larger space.”

So far, feedback about the move has been positive, according to Fite.

“There’ll be a few, I think, students who will feel a little sentimental about the space of before because they have really felt a lot of freedom in that space,” she said. “But I feel confident that we will be able to transition all of that wonderful relaxation and healing energy to this new space.”

The building at 1202 Felix St. used to be the Downtown Abbey, an event venue, for several years before Fite bought it. In addition to housing The Yoga Room, the building will continue to function as an event space called Center for JOY.

“Joy standing for justice, outreach and yoga,” Fite said. “So it’s going to be a new place of opportunity to have meetings, more yoga classes and times of meditation and some community events that bring all of the essence of justice and peace and all the things that yoga represents.”

Fite hopes to offer St. Joseph area residents a place for relaxation and reflection.

“I think it really does create a sacred space for people to come and be themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and come in and breathe and be in the present moment and start to attune and relax and heal their bodies in a way that restores their health to optimal health,” Fite said.

The Yoga Room’s current schedule will stay the same, and Fite hopes to expand the schedule in the future.

“We actually hope to offer some more workshops in the future,” she said.

The Yoga Room will host its first class in the new space from 10 to 11 a.m. June ,1 with an open house following the session.

For more information, visit www.yogaroom.org or www.facebook.com/TheYogaRoomLLC.

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