Contractors work to install a divider fence between what will be two tennis courts at the Noyes Tennis Complex. The entire complex is expected to be ready for play by the middle of next month.

A project to completely redo the Noyes Tennis Complex was expected to be finished ahead of schedule and as early as this month, but is now more likely to be completed at the planned October date.

The $1.3 million project consists of the demolition and rebuilding of the existing surfaces, fences and nets at the complex, as well as some sewer and drainage work.

In July, an additional $77,000 was approved by the City Council to also do improvements to the parking lot.

Assistant Director of Parks, Recreation and Civic Facilities for the City of St. Joseph Jeff Atkins said Herzog Contracting Corp. has completed the asphalt base for the courts, which have to sit for 30 days before the play surface can be added by a subcontractor.

He said that time will not be wasted as other work continues around the complex.

“During that 30-day period, though, the fencing contractor is on site and they’re installing all the fence posts and the perimeter fencing and then the divider fences,” Atkins said. “So, even though we’re waiting for the asphalt to cure, there’s still activity taking place.”

Once the asphalt is ready, Kansas City company McConnell & Associates will perform the work to install the tennis surfacing and paint. Atkins said another 15 to 20 days of curing will be needed before play can take place.

“There’s going to be days where it looks like nothing’s going on but we have to give those materials time to cure fully before we can use them, or that’ll really drastically affect their life,” Atkins said. “We’ve paid enough money for them, we want them to be nice for a long long time.”

The project, funded through the Capital Improvements Program fund, was at one point going ahead of schedule and the Parks Department believed it could be done by as early as mid-September.

Atkins said they now expect the courts to be finished by the middle of October.

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