To some, “gone fishing” can signify the hopeful relaxation of casting a line into some body of water and peacefully waiting for a fish to take the bait.

It’s a popular saying among fishermen, but the phrase only holds special meaning to those who know how to fish.

The Missouri Department of Conservation helped train the next generation at the Krug Park Lagoon on Thursday. There was no admission and the equipment was free to use.

Carter Mallory, 6, caught the first fish of his life — a bluegill no bigger than 5 inches. He described his favorite part of the experience.

“Probably, like, swinging (the line) out in the water,” Carter said.

Brett Peukert was the conservation agent responsible for handing out equipment and training on its proper use at the pop-up event that happens every second Thursday of the month.

“Today’s a really good turnout. We normally have between 10 and 15 people and today we met that goal,” Peukert said. “Krug Park’s just a really good place for kids to go fishing. We stock it every year with a bunch of bluegill.”

Gracia Pinzino and Daniel Hammond used the backdrop of fishing at Krug Park for an impromptu date.

Anything that’s like nature oriented, we try and participate in — and community oriented,” Pinzino said. “Whatever it is, we’re game.”

Hammond caught three fish to Pinzino’s two fish, which heated up the friendly rivalry.

“Everything’s a competition,” Pinzino said while laughing. “No, it’s all in good fun. But this little guy who caught his first one, that’s really fun. Great memories.”

The Missouri Department of Conservation will be back at Krug Park on Monday and Wednesday to hand out equipment and teach those who want to learn how to fish between 6 and 8 p.m.

“If you attend both lessons, Monday we teach (lessons) one and two, and Wednesday we teach three and four — everybody that participates gets a Bass Pro gift card for $25,” Peukert said.

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