There’s a South End rivalry that has been brewing between two St. Joseph brothers for quite some time, and this Sunday their teams will meet each other in Super Bowl LIV.

Over 20 years ago Paul Helfery, 48, painted a mural on the basement wall of his mother’s house, which depicts a Kansas City Chiefs helmet going head-to-head with a San Francisco 49ers helmet. The reason: He is a 49ers fan, and his younger brother David Helfery, 46, roots for the Chiefs.

“We was always fighting over who was the best team, and that’s pretty much where it came from,” Paul Helfery said. “We spent a lot of time down (in the basement), whether it was football games, boxing, playing pool, cards, this is pretty much where the whole family hung out.”

Besides the Chiefs, 49ers mural, there’s also an Anheiser Busch mural and a Minnesota Viking mural dedicated to their late father, also named Paul Helfery.

As far as trash talking goes between the brothers, David Helfery has been reserved, which may be wise. Of the times the 49ers have played the Chiefs in a regular season football game, the 49ers have won seven of the 13 games. Not to mention — the 49ers have won five Super Bowls, while the Chiefs have only won one.

“I don’t have no room to talk, you know, we’ve won some division titles, and that’s it,” David Helfery said. “After Mahomes wins this one, and maybe a few more, then we can trash talk.”

Each brother offered a score prediction before the Super Bowl game — Paul Helfery, 31-27, and David Helfery 38-21.

Paul Helfery said he is considering amending the painting by either adding in the score of the game or Super Bowl LIV.

Jeanette Helfery-Watson, the boys’ mother, is proud of the mural and remembers her surprise after the Chiefs won the AFC, and the 49ers won the NFC.

“Oh my gosh, I ran downstairs, I took a picture, and I sent it to the boys,” Helfery-Watson said. “My son painted that — it will never be covered. It will stay the same, and it looks good for over 20 years old.”

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