James F. Summers III will be serving jail time for the first time since being sentenced to four years probation for statutory sodomy, after it was reported that he violated his probation in July.

Summer document

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A motion to revoke the probation of James Summers III is filed in July, alleging that the man convicted of second-degree statutory sodomy failed to follow the rules of his probation. Summers was ordered to serve 120 days in a detention sanction/ sexual offender assessment unit program starting on August 9.

Summers was sentenced by Judge David Bolander to 120 days in a detention sanction/sexual offender assessment unit program, an order that was issued on Wednesday.

Summers had pleaded guilty to second-degree statutory sodomy in January, and was sentenced to five years in prison, with the sentence being suspended while the man served four years of probation. The conditions of his probation included having no contact with minors, staying away from Missouri Western State University and its events, and staying away from Phil Welch Stadium and all Mustangs’ games.

A probation violation report was filed on July 10, with court documents stating that Summers failed to follow the probation directions and failed to complete the supervision strategy.

Summers first appeared in court for the violation on July 24 for a show cause hearing, where it was recorded that there was an acknowledgement of the violation. Because of this acknowledgement, a probation violation hearing was scheduled for Aug. 7.

Summers was ordered to serve his 120 days that would begin today, when he is ordered to turn himself into the Law Enforcement Center in St. Joseph at 5 p.m.

Court records show that Summers’ probation was issued on the condition that Summers serve zero days in the county jail.

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