Coding was the order of business at a special camp for kids Monday. 

A STEAM camp program offered by Mosaic Life Care Foundation at emPowerU in St. Joseph featured coding drones. The program director, Devran Brower, said this camp also includes a lot of new steps for safety and sanitation with COVID-19 this year.

"We take temperatures when they walk in, we meet kids out at the curb so we limit the amount of people inside," Brower said. "We’re doing everything we can think to do, to stay safe and it’s paying off, we’re thankful for it.” 

Every child and worker wears a mask during camp. It looks a lot different, but Brower said that the kids don't seem to mind. 

“I think that first day is always really fun, it’s always challenging. We use a lot of technology in our facility. You can tell they’re already having fun.”

For some kids, the camp is one of the first opportunities out of the house with non-family since stay-at-home orders. Kids are excited to see their friends, but Brower said some are taking time to adjust to the different look of summer camp.

“I've seen excitement and I’ve also seen some nerves. I think if they’ve been around people lately, its been family, so we’ve seen a mix of both,” he said.

The kids got the chance to work on flying drones on their first day of camp. The goal is to accurately code a drone to fly through a hoop.

“When you combine coding with a drone it creates a fun atmosphere and sparks that interest,” Brower said. “Once you hit those coordinates and code it correctly you go right through the hoop.”

Each camp is limited to nine participants with options for kids in grades 3- to 8.

For other available camps this summer and a full schedule, visit the Mosaic Life Care Foundation at

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