Throughout Friday, Suddenlink customers filled the waiting area at the St. Joseph office, 102 N. Woodbine Road, to contest extra charges on their bills.

Many customers told News-Press NOW that they had been charged a $10 late fee, others said that they had a random $40 charge on their bill and some said their bill had doubled.

With phone lines apparently being full, with some customers claiming to have been on hold for over two hours, many Suddenlink users went to the office to talk directly with a representative of the company.

No official word had been given by Suddenlink as to what the issue was, but many customers told News-Press NOW that they were told the $10 fee was a mistake caused by the company switching to a new billing system. Customers were told to ignore the fee, though it is still unknown what caused some customer’s bills to spike nearly $40 or double.

This is not the first day that customers have expressed their frustration with the cable/internet company’s billing practice, with many blaming the company being taken over by Altice USA. For several weeks, News-Press NOW has received phone calls from citizens asking that the issue be brought to light.

One customer, Daniel Ray, told News-Press NOW that he’s paid $1,400 because of faulty billing and service through the company.

“Well, we paid our bill three months in a row from a new card; after the third payment, they returned all three payments then canceled our service and charged us $800,” Ray said. “We operate a business out of our home, and the payments were good and drafted out of our account — this was before the billing system change.”

Billing was not the only issue Ray and other customers have reported, with many saying they have had numerous issues with their routers and service.

“We also had lost service for two to three months on a separate occasion due to the router giving out, and instead of crediting our bill for the services, we didn’t receive, we were forced to pay roughly $600,” Ray said.

On Friday while customers were disputing their bill in person, others were reporting outages across the United States. According to, a self-reporting outage website, 86% of Suddenlink customers reporting on the site said they were without internet in the Midwest and Southwest area of the country.

Neither Suddenlink nor Altice USA have addressed the reported outage issues. News-Press NOW was able to talk with a representative from Altice USA, but he was unable to say anything official as of Friday evening.

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