From left are state Rep. J. Eggleston, R-Maysville; Kim Hill, St. Joseph School District coordinator of counseling; Rep. Brenda Shields, R-St. Joseph; and state Rep. Allen Andrews, R-Grant City.

A member of the St. Joseph School District has been honored by the Missouri House of Representatives after being recognized on both regional and state levels for her work in counseling.

On Aug. 26, Kim Hill was named the Coordinator of School Counseling for the Year by the Missouri School Counselor Association. Hill, the district’s coordinator of counseling, currently oversees over 40 social workers, counselors, college and career counselors and A+ coordinators while working with the team to advance the field of counseling for students in the district.

“Basically, you’re recognized for kind of going above and beyond in helping advocate for the profession of school counseling, and supporting school counselors, and leadership in your district, and leadership in the area of school counseling,” Hill said.

This state-level honor came five months after she was given the same honor on a regional scale by the Northwest Missouri School Counselor Association. These recent rewards gained the attention of Missouri State Rep. Brenda Shields, R-St. Joseph.

“Rep. Shields had heard about my recent recognition at the state level, and decided that she would do a presentation that they are able to do to recognize outstanding citizens in the community,” Hill said. “So there’s the resolution that she read in the meeting, and it basically just kind of highlighted my entire career and accomplishments.”

This resolution was read during the Northwest Missouri School Counselor Association’s meeting where colleagues of Hill were celebrating her state-level honor, and the coordinator has been invited to Jefferson City to be honored for her work come November.

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