ATCHISON, Kan. — Court proceedings are back on track for an Atchison, Kansas, man involved in an alleged sexual attack of an ex-girlfriend during the month of May at her residence.

Richard C. Butler, 43, remained confined as of Friday afternoon at the Atchison County Jail on $100,000 bond, and is facing charges that arose from a May 11 incident within Atchison city limits. The charges, filed on May 13 in the State of Kansas District Court of Atchison County, include:

Rape, a level 1 person felony, the most severe category of charge available;

Aggravated criminal sodomy, a level 1 person felony;

A second count of aggravated criminal sodomy, a level 1 person felony;

Aggravated kidnapping, a level 1 person felony;

Aggravated assault, associated with Butler allegedly having put the victim in immediate apprehension of harm with a deadly weapon, that being a knife; a level 7 person felony;

Aggravated domestic battery, associated with Butler allegedly interrupting the normal breathing or circulation of blood a victim he had resided with in the immediate period prior to the crime, by applying pressure to her throat, neck or chest area in a rude, angry or insulting manner, a level 7 person felony;

Criminal threat, associated with Butler allegedly having communicated a threat to kill the victim during a telephone conversation, a level 9 person felony;

A second count of criminal threat, a level 9 person felony;

Criminal damage to property, associated with Butler allegedly causing damages exceeding $1,000 to the victim’s property, namely a door and its frame, a cell phone, residential alarm equipment, and televisions the victim had an interest in, a level 9 nonperson felony;

Harassment by telecommunication device, associated with Butler allegedly making calls of a threatening nature to the victim, a Class A nonperson misdemeanor;

Intimidation of a victim, associated with Butler allegedly attempting to thwart or interfere in the orderly administration of justice by pressuring her to not make a report to law enforcement, a Class B person misdemeanor.

On Friday, Butler was introduced to his third court-appointed defense counsel, KiAnn Spradlin, whose practice covers Leavenworth, Wyandotte and Johnson counties. Spradlin requested a preliminary hearing of evidence for Butler, which is currently set for 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 10.

Two previous lawyers withdrew from the case after Butler filed motions on his own behalf; Spradlin requested at least five days to review these motions before the case proceeds, and received that time ahead of the Sept. 10 hearing.

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