Morgan Bricker, a front office manager for The Center, receives a COVID-19 vaccination Tuesday.

Around 250 frontline health care workers were vaccinated Tuesday at the Civic Arena.

The vaccines were performed by the St. Joseph Health Department. The department is set to perform vaccination clinics through Friday and is preparing to vaccinate nearly 700 people.

Lindsey Barton, a receptionist at Urgent Care Express, has been working with people getting COVID-19 tests. She was happy to be one of those who received the COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday.

“We do see at least 100 people a day right now, for COVID, And this does prevent me, hopefully, from getting it,” Barton said. “I also have family members who are older, it’s nice to maybe have extra protection there.”

Debra Bradley, Health Director for the St. Joseph Health Department said she expects to be done vaccinating most health care workers by the end of the week.

Out of the 800 vaccines the department received, they plan to use between 650 to 700. The rest will be held in cold storage.

Bradley said they will be told when the transition to phase 1B will start.

“We’re going to be working with Mosaic to try to come up with an organized plan on how to get people in 1B vaccinated timely, efficiently and safely,” Bradley said. “We don’t want to have a large group of people coming in, and possibly, not being able to socially distance.”

One of the health care workers vaccinated was Morgan Bricker who works as a front office manager for The Center. She said she was somewhat nervous of the vaccine because she had Lupus, but after doing research she was glad she made the decision to get vaccinated.

“I was very nervous coming in... everything is good, Its a huge step and I support getting the vaccine,” Bricker said.

Bricker said she planned to promote the vaccine to family and friends.

Bradley said they had a 15-minute observation station for those receiving the vaccine, but no one had experienced any side effects.

In the state of Missouri around 174,000 people have received the vaccine according to a tweet by Gov. Mike Parson. This number is much lower than the predicted number made in December by Dr. Randall Williams, director of Missouri department of Health and Senior services.

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