The St. Joseph Christian School gymnasium was packed Friday with people helping fill 50,000 meals to be sent to Haiti as part of the program Hearts for Haiti.

The event had students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade paired together.

“It’s just bringing unity. We have our older students working with our younger students and helping them to accomplish the task and they’re just having a great time together.” Elementary Principal Rose Dunlap said.

Students showed excitement while packing the meals as they danced to music being played over the speakers and cheered every time they filled a box with meals.

Mary Ebai, a fifth-grader at St. Joseph Christian, said she enjoyed working with her fellow students for a good cause.

“I’m pretty excited and it’s just good knowing that people are gonna get God’s love when these boxes are sent to Haiti.” Ebai said.

Ebai’s fifth-grade classmate Ethan Walker agreed with Ebai about the impact of the meals.

“It’s really cool because I know that they’ll (Haitians) get food and they won’t be hungry anymore and they’ll be able to accept Christ into their hearts,” Walker said.

Dunlap was proud with the look on students’ faces and the attitude they had about helping out the less fortunate people of Haiti.

“There was a lot of contentment on their face, a lot of excitement about getting to do something that is going to impact somebody in another country,” Dunlap said. “They heard a great message this morning in chapel ... they are excited that they’re packing meals that are going to go impact somebody’s life.”

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