If you haven’t already gathered, the moon eclipsing the light of the sun is a pretty big deal. Particularly when it’s a total eclipse like it will be in cities across the U.S., including St. Joseph. And whether you’re gung-ho and ready to celebrate the darkness with your fellow man, or you’re hoping for a more intimate eclipse experience, tech expert Burton Kelso with Integral Computer Consultants said there are some smartphone apps that can help you do either.

“I love saying this, ‘total solar eclipse’ because all I can think about is ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart,’” Kelso said.

Kelso explained that when it comes to just about anything having to do with the eclipse, there’s an app for it. Chances are, you won’t miss the eclipse, but he said one app, in particular, will make sure of that. It’s simply called Eclipse 2017.

“This one is made by the Smithsonian Institution,” he said. “It’s got a built-in timer with a countdown to the actual eclipse. It also uses GPS location so you can actually get an idea of what the eclipse is going to look like in your area.”

Another app, Eclipse Timer, will literally talk you through the eclipse. Using a pre-programmed voice to narrate each stage of the eclipse from beginning to end.

Where you view this amazing natural wonder is another thing. Plenty of places have been touted at top spots, but there are plenty more you may have not even heard of. For that, Kelso said to download Totality.

“Totality is a really easy-to-use app,” he said. “It uses GPS coordination services in order to direct you into the totality of the eclipse.”

Which will be especially helpful for people who maybe want to steer clear of all the traffic predicted for the big event. Totality not only lists the tops spots, but will use your phone’s map feature to direct you straight to some of the lesser-known hidden gems for viewing.

“A lot of the national reports have picked major cities, but there are actually small towns in the state of Missouri that you can go to and experience the totality of the eclipse and not have to worry about the massive crowd,” Kelso added.

There truly is an app for just about everything.

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