Three victims of a drive-by shooting were sent to the hospital Sunday afternoon, and one has died.

At around 3:20 p.m., police responded to a report of shots fired at South 20th and Messanie streets.

The St. Joseph Police Department said one of the victims, a 2-year-old female, suffered gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead.

The shooting happened just outside of The Frog Hop, where a memorial for the 2-year-old, Raelynn Elise Craig, now sits.

Family of the victim visited the memorial Monday to leave signs among all the teddy bears and candles. Kennedy Sollars said their family is heartbroken about Raelynn.

“She was an angel. She was so smart, I always thought she was so smart,” Sollars said. “She was always a fighter. She was born premature and she beat the odds and she was here.”

Sollars reminisced on her young son’s relationship with Raelynn and all their memories together.

“We were pregnant at the same time with Rae and Hudson … it was his first love — that was his first girlfriend. It’s just heartbreaking,” Sollars said.

It was a very emotional visit to Raelynn’s memorial for Sollars. But, all she and her family wanted to share is the need for gun violence in the community to end.

“People need to stop playing around with these guns out here and thinking they’re cool,” Sollars said. “Babies are getting killed. She had her whole life ahead of her. Her mom’s never gonna be able to wake up and hold her baby again. That was her only child.”

Two other victims were treated at the hospital. One male was treated and released, and one female is still being treated but is listed in stable condition.

Captain Jeff Wilson with the St. Joseph Police Department said the shooting is connected to recent violent activity.

“This incident is not a stand-alone incident. In other words, it has to do with some of the recent incidents we’ve had in our city, specifically the playground shooting,” Wilson said.

The investigation into Sunday’s shooting is still ongoing. The police department does not have anyone in custody. If anyone has additional information, they can reach out to the tips hotline at 816-238-TIPs.

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