Plane crash image

Plane debris sits in a corn field outside the Hiawatha Municipal Airport in June 2019. The crash claimed the life of one man.

HIAWATHA, Kan. — The National Transportation Safety Board released its report regarding a plane crash that claimed the life of one man on June 28, 2019.

The report, released on June 19, found that no pre-impact abnormalities were observed, but the examination was limited due to thermal and impact damage from the crash. The deceased pilot, Bruce L. Lutz, 67, also tested negative for intoxicants. The pilot was not in contact with air traffic control during his flight.

The plane had departed Augusta Municipal Airport, in Augusta, Kansas. The NTSB’s report states the plane crashed 3/4 of a mile northeast of Hiawatha Municipal Airport.

“A witness reported that the airplane approached the airport from the south and then proceeded north-northeast as if to enter the traffic pattern,” the NTSB’s report states. “He added that the airplane appeared to climb and then started a left turn. Just after starting the turn, the airplane flipped inverted, the nose dropped and the airplane descended from view behind terrain. The witness saw smoke and called 911.”