The Rosecrans Lagoon, currently used to treat wastewater from the airport and surrounding businesses, soon could be the site of a new wastewater treatment plant.

The water treatment site near Rosecrans Memorial Airport soon could become a water treatment plant similar to the one that serves the City of St. Joseph.

In 2012, the main cell of the three-cell failed when gas bubbles underneath its high-density propylene liner caused it to become punctured by a floating aerator.

As the city made plans to repair the issue, the state came out with new ammonia regulation requirements.

City Manager Bruce Woody said this led to a decision to abandon the lagoon system altogether.

“Between those two problems, it suddenly became more reasonable and affordable to actually replace that three-cell lagoon system with a small package plant,” Wood said.

On Monday, the City Council will vote on a contract with Garney Cos. for just under $2.4 million to construct the plant.

A separate vote will execute a work order with Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co. for construction phase services for an additional $96,671.

Woody said these amounts will be paid completely by the city.

“As is usually the case, there are no grants for this type of work,” Woody said. “We do receive funding assistance through the State Revolving Fund, which is a reduction in interest costs, but otherwise it’s all on us locally.”

The lagoon, which is used to treat wastewater from the airport and surrounding industries, uses a tablet-style chlorination process.

The project would see a facility built that could remove ammonia from wastewater and the secondary lagoons would be retrofitted into holding basins for excess flow.

Woody said the city’s Water Protection facility treats millions of gallons of water, while the Rosecrans site will only see around 200,000 gallons, meaning the new plant would be a much smaller scale than the one found near City Yards.

The project already has been bid, and if approved by the council at their meeting Monday night, construction would begin immediately.

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