Rogers Pharmacy

Rogers Pharmacy has moved to a new location at 3705 N. Belt Highway. The pharmacy planned to move over a month ago, but waited due to COVID-19.

After months of waiting, Rogers Pharmacy has moved to its new location at 3705 N. Belt Highway.

The store’s St. Joseph location had been on Frederick Avenue since 2009, but was ready for a bigger location.

Rex Robinson, a pharmacist at Rogers Pharmacy, said the new location was decided almost two years ago, but the store encountered several drawbacks along the way, including COVID-19.

“We knew we had outgrown our facility and it was just a matter of time and finding the right spot and making it work,” Robinson said.

Customers were welcomed into the store on Monday after transitioning over the weekend.

Robinson and Rogers staff are excited about the space in the new location that gives the business new opportunities.

“It’s a night and day difference,” Robinson said. “We’ve got some room to grow here, where as we used up every square inch of the old store.”

Robinson said Rogers is fortunate to have grown over the years and more parking was a huge element that was needed.

“We just didn’t have enough parking to accommodate our customers, expand our delivery systems,” Robinson said.

Some future plans for Rogers are to increase the type of products it sells and create a more inviting environment for customers.

One aspect the previous store didn’t have was a drive-thru. Robinson said it’ll be something he expects many customers to take advantage of.

“People need to realize that a drive-thru is not like a fast food drive-thru, prescriptions take some time and we would encourage people to call ahead,” Robinson said.

In the old location it also was harder to social distance and staff needed to regulate the amount of people inside due to the smaller building.

“We got through that but now we’re into a new chapter,” Robinson said.

Most of the Rogers employees wear masks while at work and Robinson encourages customers to wear one while inside.

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