Future revitalization of a small section of St. Joseph is River Bluff Brewing’s goal after the demolition of a structure at the corner of North 13th Street and Buchanan Avenue Monday afternoon.

The public was welcome to watch the demolition from the back deck of River Bluff as deconstruction started at 3 p.m.

Edison Derr, River Bluff co-founder, said the structure had been abandoned for some time and was unappealing to look out for customers and surrounding businesses.

“It was just kind of an eyesore and we’ve been watching the neighborhood around kind of crumble as well,” Derr said.

Derr said they’ve been working to try and make the area safer and more pleasing to look at to help the businesses.

The sidewalk along the structure had been closed because of falling siding and the risks the building showed.

“It’s almost caught fire a couple times and there was a dumpster fire there at one point,” Derr said.

Derr said the deconstruction is bittersweet, because they saved the building River Bluff is in before it was demolished, but the structure appears to be beyond saving.

“The professionals we’ve spoken with have all said it’s in our best interest and the safest to take it down,” Derr said.

Madget Demolition completed the deconstruction and city inspectors helped figure out the safest protocol for the process.

Derr said they hope the area of land can be functional for future use.

“We have a few different ideas of what we’re gonna do with it, but we don’t want to say much yet,” Derr said.

For now, the plan is to use it for overflow parking for River Bluff, Huckleberry, The Axe Factor and Midwest Method.

“For down the road it’s for sure a convenient area for us as far expansion possibility,” Derr said.

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