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The Crossroads Correctional Facility in Cameron, Missouri, was the site of a six-hour riot in May of 2018. At least 22 men have been charged in connection to the riot as of Wednesday.

9A Cameron, Missouri, prison went on lockdown for several months after an inmate riot on May 12.

Inmates at Crossroads Correctional Center caused a disturbance when 209 prisoners refused to return to their cells after an evening meal, according to officials with the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Officials said there was extensive property damage within the prison’s central building, which holds supplies and equipment vital to many of the facility’s regular functions. Due to the riot, the prison’s kitchen was damaged and had to undergo cleanups and repairs.

For much of the next two months, the prison was on a full lockdown, and inmates did not have phone calls, visits or recreation time.

By August, Karen Pojmann with the Missouri Department of Corrections said the prison moved to a modified lockdown. During this time, offenders were able to leave their cells every day for set periods of time, but they didn’t have as much freedom of movement as they would have during regular operations.

Food service employees returned to work after all the kitchen doors were installed.

The prison resumed scheduling of regular offender programming in mid-September, according to department of corrections officials.

In the wake of the riot, State Rep. J. Eggleston, whose district includes Crossroads, said the department of corrections is taking a number of measures aimed at improving staff recruitment at the prison, including signage, social media and refer-a-friend programs.

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