1785 Restaurant will close its doors Saturday, Sept. 7. The eatery offers Cuban cuisine and a speakeasy.

1785 Restaurant has announced it will be shutting its doors Saturday, Sept. 7.

The restaurant offering traditional Cuban cuisine opened in 2016 at 513 Francis St. in Downtown St. Joseph. The passion project of Cuban-born cardiologist Francisco Lammoglia also features a speakeasy where guests could enjoy mojitos, cuba libres and other classic drinks.

An announcement posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page stated, “Our personal family has grown and changed a great deal over the same time frame, and it is time to spend more time with family outside of the St. Joseph area.”

Lammoglia came to the United States at the age of 4. He rediscovered Cuban cuisine while he was in medical school, and many dishes are based on his family’s recipes.

“Cuban food is not fancy food. It’s pork, it’s chicken, it’s seafood,” Lammoglia told News-Press NOW in 2018. “Our food is much closer to Spanish cuisine than Mexican cuisine. When you go look at the dishes in Cuba, historically, there’s only a handful that are spicy hot.”

Social media users swiftly expressed their disappointment about the imminent closure.

“So sad to hear you’re closing .... the food and atmosphere is top notch and nothing short of amazing,” one user wrote.

“Heartbreaking,” another added.

In its statement on Facebook, 1785 staff announced specials until Sept. 7. The restaurant is open from 5 to 10 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

“We will miss the experience of sharing our passion and joy with this community. We encourage you to continue to seek out businesses in the Downtown St. Joseph area in an effort to see this area continue to grow,” the restaurant’s post stated.

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