Bill Coy stands in the backyard of his home on the east side of Jamesport, Missouri, on Monday afternoon. Coy says he has sought to comply with requests from the city to clean his yard, but said officials have failed to follow up with him on whether the tasks have been satisfactorily completed. He has kept a trailer in the yard for a decade without any notification from the city, he added, despite removing a derelict van from the premises in April.

JAMESPORT, Mo. — A group of residents is expressing unhappiness over the way city officials here are enforcing yard cleanup.

The Jamesport residents complain that while they have no issues with being told to clean up their properties, proper communication is lacking from the city. One of the allegations states that officials are failing to return to the residents with any sort of certification that yards have indeed been properly cleaned, or whether they still actually require some attention. As of Monday evening, News-Press NOW had not received a response to a request for comment from Jamesport Mayor Dana Urton.

Bill Coy, a longtime resident on city’s east side, said it’s a dilemma he has been encountering for years, along with related issues. He said he removed a derelict van from his yard in April, but never received any sort of confirmation from the city that he complied with the request.

“I’ve been up there before,” Coy said, referring to visits to City Hall. “They’re selective on who they take to court.”

Coy said while residents have been asked to clean their properties, the enforcement appears to be haphazard. Junk — such as broken-down vehicles — remains in some other yards around town. He said he was unsuccessful in receiving aid from the city in hoping to have a chuckhole in his yard repaired.

Coy’s neighbor Greg Register said he also received a letter stating the condition of his yard was considered a nuisance.

“Everything on it is extremely vague,” he said. He added that he did clean his yard.

Three months later, Register said he received a letter from the city stating he was being charged with a misdemeanor for having a public nuisance.

He has chosen to contest the charge and spoke at an Aug. 12 council meeting to seek clarification on the nuisance. Register said he failed to gain any satisfaction through his meeting with the officials, and said he hasn’t seen any regulations that define such nuisances in Jamesport.

“They don’t have an ordinance officer,” he said. “It’s just city council members walking around town... But once you get a letter, there’s no structure as to how you get back into compliance... You don’t know that they’re talking about.”

Another neighbor, Rick McClure, said he’s received at least four nuisance letters.

“All they give you is something that says, ‘You’re breaking an ordinance,’” he said. “They’re picking and choosing.”

Coy said he continues to hold a trailer on his property, now for a decade, even though he has not heard anything from the city about its removal.

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