Officials in Doniphan County, Kansas, recently started deliberations on a strategic plan to further economic development efforts.

A meeting to present the plan to leaders was held at the courthouse in Troy.

As currently drafted, the plan contains a timebound limit of the next 10 years. One of its core values will spotlight support for entrepreneurs. Another will demonstrate respect for the county’s history while being responsive to the needs of the area’s economy and natural resources.

Among the key initiatives, the plan will seek to fill gaps in housing, “with a focus on meeting the needs of the elderly residents transitioning from single-family housing.” Another initiative hopes to create housing for young families and new graduates who seek smaller, first-time housing.

The need for an assisted senior living facility in Troy has been identified, according to the draft.

Another initiative refers to a need for “one or more unique, family restaurants, including great food and a full bar” in the county. Highland, Kansas, specifically lacks a social gathering place outside residents’ homes.

Another potential direction of the plan would strive to develop businesses that offer quality salaried positions of at least $35,000 annually that also offer a benefits package.

Increased access to grocery shopping options and support for existing groceries and access to fresh food may also be sought. There is private interest in locating a grocery in Highland.

Advocacy may also develop on behalf of additional fitness and recreation sites.

The plan also mentions a desire to stop a “brain drain” from Doniphan County, and potential for launching a new industrial park.

Action steps may include the formation of task forces to shepherd each initiative. The county could also hold a community summit in 2019 to increase communication.

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