Q: What will happen at the event?

Our drag queen, Vivian Versace, is going to read a couple of stories to the children and then ... host the dance party. The two books are “Jack not Jackie” and then “Not All Princesses Wear Pink.” “Jack not Jackie” is about a young girl who is female-to-male transgender, kind of the experience of what that was like. It’s written from the perspective of her sister. “Not All Princesses Wear Pink” is just a story about all the different ways that princesses can express themselves; they can play sports and wear sports clothes, they can fix cars, they can wear pink. It doesn’t matter how they dress.

Q: What can you tell us about the performer?

Vivian Versace is a local performer. They’re married, they have a beautiful child, they’re both upstanding members of the community, really active and just really wonderful people. I know our performer personally, and he’s just a really good guy.

Q: What kind of physical contact will the performer have with the children?

Our library policy is that performers never touch children. I’ve seen some comments that they’re afraid children will be sitting on the performer’s lap. That never happens. There won’t be any physical contact between the drag queen and the children.

Q: Has a background check been performed on this person?

We did a thorough background check on the performer to make sure there were no illegal activities, child abuse or sexual abuse. We’re very confident that this is a safe performer, and I’m willing to stake my personal reputation on that.

Q: Will the drag queen by dressed inappropriately?

It’s children’s event and there will not be any scantily clad (dress) or sexualization going on at all. It’s just somebody dressed in drag celebrating that joy with the children, but in an appropriate way.

Q: How will protesters be handled if they should attend the event?

We don’t allow any sort of protesting or petitioning inside the library, but we do have designated areas at each branch where protesters or petitioners can stand.

Q: Will these petitions cause the event to be cancelled?

No, I mean that the short answer is we are going to do this event. We respect the views of those people who are, who think this is a bad idea. I’ve had personal conversations with friends, family members and community members who are all in against that I fully respect, and in some cases understand why they would be against it. But ultimately, we have decided that this is a program that is needed, not just for the community, but honestly is our responsibility to represent every member of our tax base.

Jessika Eidson can be reached at jessika.eidson@newspressnow.com. Follow her on Twitter at @NPNowEidson

Jessika Eidson can be reached at jessika.eidson@newspressnow.com. Follow her on Twitter at @NPNowEidson