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Mike Wilson, a Trenton Police officer, as seen in a photo he apparently sent a minor. The minor posted pictures of her conversation with Wilson on Saturday.

Update: The officer referenced in this article has been charged with statutory rape. He's also been denied bond.

A Trenton, Missouri, police officer is under investigation by his own department after a social media post apparently showed the officer messaging with a minor on Snapchat.

Mike Wilson, a Trenton police officer, sent messages that included a shirtless picture. Screenshots of the messages were posted on Saturday but have since been removed.

“I think that it’s sometimes called (an internal investigation),” Rex Ross, the Trenton police chief, said. “We’ll be investigating the facts and taking care of the personnel issue as our policies would allow.”

Pictures of the messages were posted on social media by the minor, who said she was 16. News-Press NOW is not publishing any identifying information about the girl.

“I do think it’s an issue,” Ross said. He declined to answer other questions, citing the issue as a personnel matter.

It was unclear Tuesday if the officer had been placed on any sort of leave. Ross said possible sanctions could include suspension or termination, though some officers who violate policy may just receive verbal counseling.

“You young (laughing out loud), I ain’t trying to lose my job,” Wilson said in one message. “Well I mean talking to you isn’t anything bad just don’t want you catching feelings.”

A spokesperson for the Maryville Public Safety Department confirmed Wilson used to work at that department but “resigned abruptly.” In one message, Wilson indicated he worked in St. Joseph at one point, though officials here said he didn’t work at the St. Joseph Police Department or Buchanan County Sheriff’s Department.

Wilson indicates in the messaging exchange that he has worked as a Trenton police officer for three years.

“I’ve not looked at when he was employed but that sounds generally right,” Ross said. “I can’t discuss all of it. It’s a personnel matter and we’re looking into it.”

A phone call to request a comment from Wilson was left at the Trenton Police Department but wasn’t returned Tuesday.

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