Law enforcement officers are concerned about new marijuana products being sold in packaging that makes them look like real snack products.

The Buchanan County Drug Strike Force recently seized three bags of “Jolly Rancher” gummy packages during a traffic stop that look deceptively like the real candy. However, these pieces each contained 600 mg of THC.

Capt. Shawn Collie is warning people, especially parents, to keep their eyes out for little changes to familiar snack packaging.

“There’s candy bars, the chocolate bars, the other food products, drinks and stuff,” Collie said.

Marijuana products can be found in chip bags and even boxes that look like Pop-Tarts. Collie said this packaging can be deceptive not only for parents who don’t know what is in their teen’s possession but also for those who aren’t aware of what they actually have in their hands.

“The biggest concern is those that are under that age range, the younger children who may not be able to read or understand what it is and they find something like this, and just like it’s regular candy, and they’re taking it, and you know, the dosage, you have no idea what it’s gonna do,” he said.

As the Halloween season approaches, Collie said it’s important for parents to pay attention to the candy children are receiving.

“As we’re coming into the Halloween time frame ... being aware of where your children are, what they’re doing and maybe even sitting down and going through those items they collect as they’re out trick-or-treating to make sure that there’s not something that would harm them,” he said.

Collie said the deceptive products local officers have seen are mostly from California and Colorado.

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