Joint law enforcement center

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office and the Chillicothe Police Department are making adjustments to strengthen ties between the agencies.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office and Chillicothe Police Department are making a few changes to strengthen ties between the agencies.

In a press release from Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox, the two agencies will soon operate under the same roof.

Jon Maples, the Chillicothe Police Department chief, said they had created better communication between the two entities and hopes this move will add to that trend.

“Right now, they’re across the street ... but it’d be nice to, as we move forward to be in the same building and see how that helps,” Maples said.

Maples said this would help with staff working together, investigations that overlap, and will be more straightforward for the community to visit one place for their law enforcement needs.

“Something that’s interesting about us, and we were one of the first in Missouri, we actually contract with the county, and the Central Dispatch is located within the police department. And so those services, they’re here utilizing our stuff, our equipment,” Maples said.

In the press release, an announcement of sending officers for specialized training was also made.

This training would be for a new Sexual Assault Investigations Team, “When a serious offense occurs we can focus having specialized officers and deputies assigned to those investigations. This, too, can save both organizations money and time while providing an overall better service to our citizens,” according to the press release.

Currently, the Missouri Driver’s License Exam office and Rumery and Associates are located where the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office is moving. Maples said these businesses will move into the former Sheriff’s Office at 901 Webster St., Chillicothe.

Maples said he is looking forward to this change and that it will make for a better community.

“I’ve been chief almost four years here, and that’s the main thing that the community wanted was both entities to cooperate, to work together,” Maples said. “We’ve made that happen for the community. And we’ve garnered friendships from it, garnered more resources, and better investigations, I think that’s one of the biggest things that we’re going to get from this, and I’m excited to do this.”

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