When a local veterinary clinic owner made his way to work Friday morning he wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary, but when he came across the body of a potentially mutilated sheep, his day took a dark turn.

As part of the eventual investigation, the Andrew County Sheriff’s office located three or four other dead animals near Rosendale, Missouri.

Gary Silverglat, the owner of M’Shoogy’s and Angels Vet Express, found the animal mutilated and barely alive in the ditch off of County Road 180 in Andrew County. He took the animal to his clinic where it was euthanized. But this wasn’t any normal animal killing. Silverglat strongly believes that someone cut the female sheep with a large knife and left it to die.

“Upon investigation, I realized this sheep had its ear cut off,” Silveglat said.

The Andrew County Sheriff’s Office was called to investigate, and deputy Tiffany White followed Silverglat to the location where he found the animal. News-Press NOW also followed the pair to the scene.

Silverglat made his way onto the property adjacent to the ditch where the animal was found, 13954 County Road 180, where clumps of wool were visible on the ground. Police appeared to be investigating tire tracks found near a shed close to the road.

Toward the back of the property, Silverglat, White and News-Press NOW reporters saw two sheep who were alive, but huddling in the corner of their enclosure in the sun. Two dogs, with blood visible around their mouths, ran off.

It appeared the sheep did not have any water, and when those on scene moved toward the back of the enclosure, three or possibly four different sheep carcasses were visible. One body was inside of a shaded area, one was potentially against the fence line in the back-left corner of the enclosure, one was just outside of the shaded area and the final body was in the middle of the enclosure.

According to White, the homeowner, or homeowners, may been on vacation, which may explain why they weren’t there. It’s unknown if anyone was supposed to check on the animals.

It’s unclear if the mutilated sheep belonged with the others on the farm. It’s also unclear how a lone sheep ended up in a ditch, and whether or not the animals on the farm died from negligence or abuse.

When News-Press NOW left the area, police were looking for an emergency vet to take custody of the two sheep left alive. An update was not available as of Friday night.

Silverglat said in his more than three decades in the animal rescue and veterinary fields, he’s never seen anything like it. The animal in the ditch also suffered a deep slash to the right side of its face, and a puncture wound to the throat.

“Whoever did this is not a mean person, they’re an evil person,” Silverglat said. “There’s no excuse for this.”

Silverglat said that M’Shoogy’s is offering a $2,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest in the case of the allegedly mutilated sheep. He said anyone interested is asked to call (816) 324-5313, and that callers may remain anonymous.

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