The second-hand store known for selling brand clothing will be located at 1407 S. Belt Highway next to Endgame.

The Martin family, from Sioux City, Iowa, are opening the franchise location later this summer. Siblings Thomas and Jill along with their mother Ann Martin are currently working on getting the location ready for opening. While the rest of the family acts as investors, Jill Martin will manage the store due to her experience with the franchise.

“She managed the store that was number five gross revenue in store in the nation. There’s 483 total, so it’s a pretty big honor,” Thomas Martin said. “She’s pretty quiet about that but she really knows her stuff. I’ve been pushing her for years to just own her own (store).”

Until now, the closest Plato’s Closet location had been in Kansas City.

“I think it’s going to be a great asset to the are, I think the demographics are going to fit really well with it,” Thomas Martin said.

Jill Martin, who managed stores in Iowa and Hawaii, said it’s Plato’s Closet’s inventory that sets it apart from other thrift shops.

“We like the trendy styles in the mall like American Eagle, Buckle, Victoria’s Secret, Pink,” she said. “Plato’s Closet focuses high school, college age. So we like the trendy stuff that’s still out in the malls.”

The Martins hope to start buying inventory beginning in early June. Once there is enough stock, Plato’s Closet will host a grand opening, tentatively planned

for July.

“If you’re someone that shops in your friend’s closet and borrows clothes, this is the store for you,” Jill Martin said. “Just go through your closet, what you don’t wear anymore, bring it in and we’d love to see what you have.”

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