Catawba Road

The search for the missing Diemel brothers is currently being focused on a house on Catawba Road near Braymer, Missouri.

Law enforcement agencies from across Northwest Missouri appear to be pulling out all the stops in the search for two missing Wisconsin brothers, including utilizing different sets of police dogs.

Missouri Search and Rescue K-9 Unit President Robin Houston was on scene to assist in the investigation at the behest of law enforcement.

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Sheriff: Human remains found on property connected to Diemel brothers

“We have a variety of resources available for law enforcement and fire (departments),” Houston said. “The type of K-9 specialties that we have are air scent lifeline dogs and lifeline trailing dogs.”

“We also provide human remains detection dogs and then we have an evidence dog that can do firearms detection and things like that,” Houston said.

While she didn’t say exactly what type of resources were used, Buchanan County Sheriff Bill Puett did say two different sets of K-9s were deployed to the scene at different times. Houston declined to say which day her unit was on scene, but said they’re no longer participating the search.

Puett said neither dog unit teamed up with his deputies, who were searching an area off Ayers Road near a barn and cattle pen.

On Monday, Clinton County Sheriff Larry Fish said recent rain hindered the investigation. Houston said rain may have caused problems for dogs that follow a live scent, but wouldn’t be a problem for cadaver dogs.

Glenda Eichmeyer, the vice president for another search and rescue nonprofit called the Canine Search and Rescue Association, said dogs have a harder time smelling through clay than dirt.

Not just any dogs or handlers are sent out on searches. Jan Meyer, the vice president of Gateway Search Dogs, said most animals receive a special certification.

The address being searched is the listed address of Garland Joseph Nelson in a 2015 bankruptcy filing. Nelson was arrested on Friday for illegally driving the brothers’ rental truck, which was found in a commuter parking lot near Holt, Missouri. According to court documents, police said Nelson admitted to driving the car. He’s currently being held without bond in the Caldwell County Jail on a tampering charge, but he has not been accused in court of harming the brothers.

Petition filed to declare brothers legally dead

In a court document filed Tuesday, Lisa Diemel, the wife of Nicholas Diemel, asked a judge to declare both Nicholas and Justin legally dead.

In the filing in Shawano County Probate Court, Lisa Diemel is listed as a “special administrator.” The date of death is listed as July 21, the day the brothers missed their return flight to Wisconsin and the day police said the brothers were at the farm in Braymer, Missouri.

According to the Caldwell County Assessor’s office, the property under search in Braymer isn’t owned by Nelson, but by a Tomme Sue Feil.

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