Edison Elementary School

A parent said her son was given Xanax by another classmate at Edison Elementary School on Wednesday. The child was eventually airlifted to Children’s Mercy Hospital but has been discharged.

A parent of a child who attends Edison Elementary school said her son was given Xanax by another classmate, causing him to be transported to Mosaic Life Care Hospital and later airlifted to Children's Mercy Hospital.

The child has been discharged from Children's Mercy as of noon Wednesday. 

A spokesperson for the St. Joseph Police Department, Capt. Jeff Wilson, confirmed police are investigating the incident.

"(The) circumstances are being looked into," Wilson said. "(The) type of case is dependent on the outcome of the investigation."

The child's mother, Crystal Clark, told News-Press NOW that the school didn't involve the Police Department until several hours into the ordeal. According to Clark, she picked up her son from school at the school nurse's urging around 10 a.m. Tuesday. Clark said that she drove her son to Mosaic on her own. She said testing at the hospital revealed that the substance her son ingested was likely Xanax.

Once at Mosaic, Clark said the school's principal, Dlo DuVall, arrived 10 or 15 minutes later. Clark said the school determined a fellow first-grade classmate, whose name News-Press NOW is not publishing, gave her son an unknown amount of what is now believed to be Xanax.

"We were at Mosaic and his heart rate got too fast," Clark said. "They had to put a ventilator on him because he was going into a coma."

"That's when they called Children's Mercy and he had to be flown to Kansas City," she said.

Clark said that once police were involved, the home of the classmate who gave away the alleged drugs was searched, but no drugs were found. However, Clark said school officials notified the parent of the child who gave away the substance prior to the search.

"I say to him (her son), 'if there's anything that happened you need to let me know because you're sick and something is wrong,'" Clark said. "He said, 'Mom, (the other student) gave me the medicine.'"

Clark said school officials told her the other student may have thought the substance was some type of candy.

In a statement, the St. Joseph School District expressed concern about the incident.

"An elementary school student received medical care after ingesting an unknown substance Wednesday morning. Although specific details are still under investigation at this time, this is very concerning to us as school leaders and as parents ourselves. We are thinking of the student and their family and they will remain in our thoughts as we hope for a quick recovery," the district said.

Clark said she thought school officials should've been more proactive during the incident.

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