If Missouri drops the new, national education benchmarks called Common Core, it would have an impact on the St. Joseph School District. But it would not necessarily have an impact on learning, said Brian Shindorf, the district’s director of elementary education.

“What we want people to understand is that even before Common Core, we had goals and standards that we followed that the state dictated to us,” he said.

“So even if they did away with Common Core, there would still be standards that would be dictated by the state of Missouri that we would follow.”

The Missouri Senate passed legislation last week that could be the start of ending Common Core in the state. Senators voted 23-9, sending the bill back to the House, where a similar version had passed earlier.

If the House accepts the Senate changes, Missouri would be the second state, after Indiana, to dump Common Core.

One of the problems Mr. Shindorf sees if the standards are dropped is that the district spent the last two years preparing for Common Core and rewriting its curriculum to be aligned with its standards.

“So the impact for us would be having to go back and revise our curriculum to not be aligned to the Common Core, but instead be aligned to whatever standards the state outlined for us. It would be a lot of work for us, absolutely,” Mr. Shindorf said.

The change would not impact children at all, he said. It would be a matter of realigning the standards to the appropriate grade level and students.

“It wouldn’t harm the kids,” he said. “The biggest impact would be the process the curriculum department and the teachers would have to go through to go back to the realignment of the standards.”

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