Workers are in the process of staining a stairwell in the Noyes Home. When finished, the stairs will resemble what they looked like in 1894.

The Noyes Home is restoring one of its main stairwells to celebrate 125 years of healing hearts and reconnecting families.

The St. Joseph Woodworkers Guild reached out to help with the project of detailing and replacing trim work to resemble what it looked like in 1894.

The stairwell also will include a donation wall to honor and recognize community members in support of the Noyes Home mission.

Chelsea Howlett, executive director for the Noyes Home, thinks this is a special project that’s needed.

“The St. Joseph Woodworkers Guild is recreating 75 spindles to be reincorporated in areas of the home that are needed,” Howlett said.

The donation wall will have a customized wallpaper that resembles a night sky.

“We found a quote that really resonated with us for the wall, ‘The darkest nights inspire the brightest stars and help light the way,’” Howlett said.

Children and workers at the Noyes Home are looking forward to seeing the final project at the end of the year.

“The kids are really excited about what’s going on, because they love to see the progress the workers are making each day,” Howlett said.

The project also a part of the Legacy Gift Giving Campaign to gain financial stability with the help of the community.

“Right now our goal is $750,000 in pledges, and we’re really hopeful that people will make those pledges each year to help the children here,” Howlett said.

Another event to celebrate the Noyes Home’s 125 years is the “Take a Seat” fundraiser set for 6 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 24, at the Civic Arena. Howlett said 700 people have already RSVP’d for the event.

“It’s phenomenal after 125 years that our community still rallies around and supports those that need the help the most,” Howlett said.

People interested in contributing to the Legacy Gift Giving campaign are urged to contact the Noyes Home at 816-232-5650 to help.

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