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The Noyes Home for Children 

A local children’s organization is marking a big milestone: its 125th birthday

The nonprofit Noyes Home for Children opened its doors in 1894 and remains in the same building on Noyes Boulevard, providing a much-needed service for children and families who have no where else to turn.

“We provide 24-hour care for children 0 to 18 years old for as long as they need our care,” said Chelsea Howlett, the charity’s executive director. “The majority of the children who come to us are here because of homelessness or their families are in an immediate crisis where they just aren’t able to provide for their basic needs.”

On average, Howlett said the Noyes Home serves roughly 35 kids at any given time. Because its funding from taxpayer sources is limited, the facility is heavily reliant upon donations from the community.

“The only government funding that we receive at all would be for kids who are in foster care,” she said. “That’s a very small percentage, like 3 percent or less than our annual budget.”

Howlett said it’s important for the community to realize how its support keeps the Noyes Home’s doors open. Whether it’s through volunteering, a charitable gift or even donations of everyday items, the organization is always in need.

“For example, we have a lot of need right now for bug spray and sunscreen with it being the summer months,” said Howlett, who urges the public to check out an updated needs list on the Noyes Home Facebook page.

Outside of the daily needs of the children served, the Noyes Home building itself is also always in need of constant upkeep.

“125 years in the same home has proven to have some challenges, but we love this house,” Howlett said. “We want it to stay true to the Victorian era.”

To celebrate the 125th anniversary, the home is hosting a block party and celebrity kickball game Friday, July 19. Then on Saturday, Aug. 24, the charity has its annual fundraiser at the Civic Arena. That event serves as the Noyes Home’s major fundraising event, with a goal of taking in $200,000 or more.

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