Kids admire reptile

Children look at a monitor lizard at the Remington Nature Center on Saturday.

Tortoises, fainting goats and husky puppies were just some of the many animals featured at the Animal Safari event the Remington Nature Center on Saturday morning.

Despite the heat, dozens lined up outside of the center to see the animals.

Remington Nature Center manager Andrea McCoy said that one of the goals for providing events like this is to educate others about the dangers of adopting animals without providing the proper care for them.

“We want people to enjoy the live animals. That’s always a fun thing is to have people enjoy that, the animals that we bring in,” she said. “But also to to bring awareness about the care that some of these animals require.”

“Sometimes, these animals look great, whenever they’re small, and they’re cuddly, and they’re cute, but how much care and time and cost they required to live a successful healthy life — we want to share some light on that, and encourage people to just take take control of their pet ownership and and make really good decisions about what they want to do in the future moving forward,” McCoy said.

Theresa Harrington is the owner of animal shelter Creatures by Theresa. She said she receives around five calls a week from animal shelters or owners looking to relocate an animal.

“Our goal is to educate people, when they get these guys as pets, they understand what they’re getting into,” Harrington said. “Because a lot of people get them for children and then the kid two years later is involved in soccer or something else, and the guinea pig kind of gets pushed in the corner and nobody’s taking care of it but mom anymore.”

Families were given opportunities to learn more about each animal presented at the Animal Safari and were able to participate in crafts and a scavenger hunt.

For more information about future animal events, go to the Remington Nature Center Facebook page and website.

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