The Department of Social Sciences and Humanities is located in Popplewell Hall on campus. More information regarding voting can be found in the office.

As Nov. 3 approaches, people all over the nation are working to get ready for the upcoming presidential election.

Missouri Western was recently recognized as one of the top universities with voter registration. The Department of Social Sciences and Humanities had the chance to offer a fellowship to one student where they would work to increase voter registration, and election knowledge on campus. This student is sophomore Jordan Miller.

Miller was approached last year by department chair, Dr. Ed Taylor, about the opportunity. Miller accepted it because he saw this as a chance to help his fellow peers.

“I see a lot of students who get frustrated with the fact that they feel like their decisions are being made for them by older people,” Miller said. “I think that they just don’t realize that they have the potential to make some of those decisions if they would get involved.”

Miller said that they are planning several different events that will help inform the student. He said they’re still working on some of the final details to get the events ready before the students get involved. Miller said he likes that he can help his classmates learn about registering to vote.

“Students are busy enough already,” Miller said. “They don’t want to have to learn how to do it. So, hearing it from another student — or even the faculty — and making the process easier, is really important.

Taylor said that he felt it was important for the younger generation to learn about voting because they’re creating the future they want to see.

“You have a responsibility to shape the community in which you’re going to live,” Taylor said. “There’s real problems out there that require citizens that care enough about something beyond their very narrow selfish interests, and care about a collective community good that requires engagement.”

Any students who are curious and would like to know more information are encouraged to reach out to the pair.