Center for Workforce Development

The Center for Workforce Development works with the Center of Entrepreneurship to create strong economic growth in the community.

Missouri Western’s Craig School of Business recently launched its Center for Workforce Development to provide a variety of training and continuing education opportunities for the region.

The state asked universities to help provide workforce development and Missouri Western decided to launch its nonacademic short-term training online.

Annette Weeks is the executive director for the Center for Entrepreneurship, along with the Center for Workforce Development. The two centers will work together to help economic development in the community.

“We pulled together online courses for short-term nonacademic training to focus on people unemployed that are wanting to up their skills as well as anyone that’s already employed but would like to advance a level,” Weeks said.

Courses will cover a wide variety of subjects, including GED prep, career development, computer applications, leadership and entrepreneurship. It also will offer exam prep courses and certifications, such as cybersecurity, agile project management, data analytics and human resources management.

“This is for anyone needing help in our region, and as students come back we’ll be helping them as well,” Weeks said.

Weeks said with COVID-19, the university realized the first phase of courses needed to be online.

“We worked on getting them up quickly to provide it and then we have plans to build out the center after we have this up and going,” Weeks said.

Weeks said the university was also encouraged to create the center by regional workforce partners because it was something the community is missing.

From now until November, the Center for Workforce Development is offering three free courses on creativity in teams and organizations, intro to critical thinking and personal creativity.

Weeks also recently met with entrepreneur supporters in the region to share best practices to provide further help for those struggling during this time.

“Now more than ever we’ve had more requests from entrepreneurs for assistance and we’ve all been very busy in the last four months to help entrepreneurs and businesses,” Weeks said.

Weeks hopes in the next few months the center can help with the high unemployment rate and prepare residents for employment.

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