After nine days of presenting evidence and witnesses, the case of Roy Dalbey v. Heartland Regional Medical Center has ended with a jury ruling in the hospital’s favor.

Roy Dalbey claimed that because of negligent care he had received in the emergency department of Mosaic Life Care, referred to as Heartland Regional Medical Center in legal documents, he now suffers from physical and cognitive disabilities.

The man claimed that after suffering a fall caused by fainting, he was taken to the emergency room. Dalbey claimed that the physician who saw him assumed he was drunk and did not spend enough time diagnosing the issue. The man later suffered an aneurysm, something he believed could have been caught sooner if the physician had ordered a CT scan.

The case which was first filed in 2015 and eventually lead to the nine-day jury trial presided over by Judge Dan Kellogg. Dalbey was represented by Herbert McIntosh, a lawyer from Kansas City who specializes in medical-malpractice cases; Mosaic was represented by six lawyers, including Jeffrey Dunn, a lawyer from St. Louis who specializes in health-care cases.

After hearing the two lawyers present hours worth of evidence and bringing in several witnesses, the jury ruled in favor of the hospital, saying that the plaintiff failed to prove the liability and negligence.

In the verdict, the jury laid out reason for their decision which included that the plaintiff did not show that it was negligent for the doctor to not order a CT scan, that a CT scan would not have detected the issue had it been ordered and that the doctor who saw him was not contractually linked to Mosaic, but rather an independent contractor.

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