The St. Joseph Police Department and Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office were involved in a shooting Tuesday evening that injured a suspect.

St. Joseph Police Department Chief Chris Connally said the department’s street crimes division and the Buchanan County Drug Strike Force were working together to apprehend someone wanted for felonies and who was known to be armed. Buchanan County Sheriff Bill Puett said during the investigation a weapon was produced and shots were fired. A suspect was injured and transported to Mosaic Life Care, where he remains in stable condition.

“Right now this is still developing and an active scene,” Puett said around 4 p.m. “We had a co-jurisdiction investigation of a wanted subject and there was an incident where a weapon was produced and shots were fired.”

“They (the suspect) was wanted for felonies and was known to be armed,” Connally said.

Puett said four individuals were being detained in relation to the investigation. A News-Press NOW reporter on scene saw two women and a man put into the back of squad cars shortly after shooting.

No officers were injured during the incident. It’s unknown exactly how many shots were fired, how many shots hit the suspect or which officers fired their weapons. Puett did say that he believed both police officers and sheriff’s deputies fired their weapons. He did not say whether or not the suspect used his weapon.

Because local law enforcement was involved in the shooting, the Missouri State Highway Patrol is conducting the rest of the investigation. Highway Patrol detectives were spotted on scene with measuring devices.

“As is common procedure, we always ask for an independent investigation to come in,” Connally said.

According to Puett, any of his deputies involved in the incident will be removed from active enforcement while the initial investigation is completed.

The suspect is believed to have been driving a maroon truck at the time of the incident. A maroon truck was visible on Boulevard View Drive facing sideways. Police then moved the perimeter back around a curve on that street because of “projectiles and everything like that.”

Portions of River View Drive and East Ayr Lawn Drive also were closed. Some homes were inaccessible, but police did allow a man to enter the perimeter to check on his dogs around 5 p.m.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. Jake Angle said any further updates on the investigation would come from his office.

“This investigation will be ongoing in the coming days,” Puett said.

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