Downtown St. Joseph already has murals and statues commemorating music legends from the area. Soon it will have a structure honoring them.

In 2020, the Missouri Music Hall of Fame will build a Wall of Fame at Felix Street Square.

The privately funded project is backed by the St. Joseph Music Foundation, which created the Missouri Music Hall of Fame as a way to extend the museum’s reach and celebrates the state’s legacy in music.

“It goes back to the founding (of the Hall of Fame) about 10 years ago. Basically everyone (inducted) will have a plaque,” Anthony Glise, spokesperson for the St. Joseph Music Foundation, said.

Since 2009, the Missouri Music Hall of Fame has honored the great artists of the state, ranging from musicians and songwriters to non-performers to music venues, radio stations and personalities. The list of inductees includes Sheryl Crow, Burt Bacharach, Chuck Berry and the late Bob Heater.

The wall will be erected in between the Coleman Hawkins Park stage and Eighth Street. It is proposed as having a “Stonehenge” design that will allow it to act as both a Wall of Fame and a sound barrier to the buildings nearby.

“It’ll also help isolate ... the sound for more of the private residences that are close to Coleman Hawkins Park,” Glise said.

The St. Joseph Music Foundation said plans for the wall have been approved by the St. Joseph City Council.

Proposed plans for the wall has each of its six sections standing at about 7 feet in height and width, allowing for enough space to add inductees for the next 20 years.

Much like the Hall of Fame’s physical location at the St. Joseph Museum at 3406 Frederick Ave., each inductee will get his or her own space to give some context.

Glise said he didn’t want to stop at a simple name and bio. He wants the plaques to be all inclusive.

“I’ve also set it up so the caster is going to be able to cast the plaques in Braille. Obviously, people that are sightimpaired tend to be extremely aware musically, so we want that to be addressed,” he said.

The St. Joseph Music Foundation will bid out for the construction of the wall and the plaques. If all goes smoothly, it’s hoped the wall will be up and open by JoeStock 11, the foundation’s annual two-day music showcase, in 2020.

“By JoeStock next year it will be in. It’s very cool stuff, and St. Joseph deserves it,” Glise said.

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