Lyndsay Reets, left, and Emily Sherpy are working for Green Health Docs, which opened a St. Joseph location on Sept. 19 at 2335 N. Belt Highway.

A clinic specializing in medical marijuana certifications has opened in St. Joseph.

Green Health Docs operates five locations, including the clinic at 2335 N. Belt Highway in Missouri as well as a statewide telemedicine network.

The newly opened location does not have a doctor on site and instead offers assistance for patients seeking certification over the phone. Clients are connected to a licensed physician who is able to certify anyone with a qualifying medical diagnosis.

“It’s supposed to be an existing diagnosis, so we want patients to have an old document, it can be however old, and we take it and go over it,” operations manager Emily Sherpy said.

Once patients have a certification, they can apply for a patient identification card issued by the Missouri Department for Health and Senior Services.

Qualifying conditions include cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma and other chronic or terminal illnesses. While any primary physician can issue a medical marijuana certification for qualifying patients, Sherpy said some prefer to see a doctor specializing in the field.

“A lot of people don’t want to go to their primary doctor. They don’t want to be judged,” she said. “There’s no judgment here. We just want people to be able to have access to alternative medicine that could help them in several different ways.”

Patients seeking certification can do so over the phone from their own homes, but Sherpy said coming in and doing a phone consultation at their facility has several benefits, including assistance when applying for a patient identification card.

“A lot of our patients are anywhere from the 50 to 80 age group. Some of those people don’t have computers, and they don’t know how to use them. We want to make sure that they get what they paid for,” Sherpy said.

Green Health Docs charges a fee of $250 for the certification process and any assistance needed throughout.

For more information, visit greenhealthdocs.com or call 877-242-0362.

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