A St. Joseph man has been charged with statutory rape by Buchanan County officials on Tuesday.

Charles Shockey, 35, is accused of sexually assaulting a minor victim.

“According to police case reports and witness statements, Charles H. Shockey engaged in (intercourse) with the victim,” Richard McGregory, a St. Joseph police officer, said.

In a probable cause statement, McGregory wrote that Shockey only resided “in Buchanan County while on a work assignment.”

“The defendant moved out of his Buchanan County address when the relationship was discovered,” McGregory wrote.

An initial probable cause statement filed in the case was rejected by Buchanan County Judge Keith Marquart.

“The probable cause statement filed in this case consists of the affiant’s conclusions,” Marquart wrote according to online court records. “It must recite facts from which the court can find probable cause to issue a warrant.”

After an amended statement was filed, a warrant was issued for Shockey’s arrest. Shockey is being held on a $25,000 bond, $5,000 of which must be in cash, according to the text of the warrant.

Shockey will next appear in court on Thursday, July 30.

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