A man accused of paying at least one accomplice to threaten a mass shooting and bombing at Altec was allegedly trying to get out of going to work.

On Wednesday morning, Nahum Melville appeared before Judge Rebecca Spencer. During the hearing, his charge was read of a third-degree making a terrorist threat, a class A misdemeanor.

Spencer told Melville he was accused of asking an accomplice, Christopher Evans, to call Altec in St. Joseph and threaten a mass shooting on or around Sept. 25. Melville was an employee of Altec and allegedly was attempting to get out of going to work that day.

Melville did not have an attorney during the hearing, causing Spencer to enter a plea of not guilty for him. The man asked if his bond could be adjusted and if the judge could take into account that he had turned himself in. Spencer told him he’d have to wait for an attorney to make a motion for bond reduction, but she would stand by his bond being denied for the time being.

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