Rushville Elementary begins work on new playground

Members of the community come together Saturday morning to assemble Rushville Elementary School’s new playground.

In Rushville, Missouri, an elementary school was given a tax bond to upgrade their 30-year-old playground equipment. On Saturday morning, around 30 members of the community came together to assemble Rushville Elementary School’s new playground.

The cost of updating the old equipment was around $125,000, including the cost of labor, mulch and new equipment.

The equipment was old and needed a revamp, said Vice President of the Board of Education Pam Browning.

“The equipment was outdated and just rough. Kids would come in with mud on their shoes and it just wasn’t a whole lot of fun on the playground. It was probably 30 years old,” Browning said.

To help cut down on cost, members of the school board held a volunteer day at the elementary school in which volunteers who came to build the playground would get a hot meal and drinks for helping out.

“We put together a volunteer day for a new playground — So we have a new playground coming in and we thought it would be fun to involve the community. They are all for it,” Browning said.

The passing of the tax bond happened in April during the flooding. Browning said that during that hard time, the community wanted something more uplifting.

“We passed our tax bond in April and it was a tough time for this community, because we had residents out of their homes due to the flood. And we didn’t know how that was going to impact the passing of the bond,” Browning said.

“It passed with flying colors, Everybody voted yes and we are so excited. It’s definitely something that our community wanted to have,” Browning said.

Rushville doesn’t have a park for children to play with in town. Browning said that’s part of why it’s beneficial for the community to have an updated park.

“It’s so important. The kids are in the classroom, and it really gives them an out to go out and play and have some fun while they’re here. And unfortunately, our town doesn’t have a park. So you know, this this is more like a park and playground for our kids that are here,” Browning said.

The playground will hopefully be completed by Monday, weather permitting.

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