At the Chiefs’ championship parade on Wednesday, video was shot of Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes throwing a football to a fan on the street.

The fan kept his eye on the ball, so much so a parking meter put him flat on his back. That man in the video, which has gone viral, is Larue Bell, who lives in St. Joseph.

“Ouch,” Bell said when he talked about his initial reaction to getting laid out by a parking meter. “It was a mean hit in the chest. It took me out and gave me a bruised ego.”

Bell was at the parade with his whole family to celebrate the city’s first Super Bowl win in 50 years.

Mahomes retweeted the video and said, “Yo is this dude who hit the parking meter okay?” Bell turned out to be fine as he played football in high school, but he was still bruised up and a bit hurt.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce supposedly pointed Bell out in the crowd as the team was leaving, signaling for his all-pro quarterback to throw the man a ball.

“We were actually leaving the parade and the bus stopped at the corner. Travis Kelce told Mahomes to throw it to me. I waited for it and kept my eye on the ball and hit the parking meter.”

The video it shows one person running to Bell — but it was not to help him up or to see if he is hurt.

“The person running up to me was my daughter,” Bell said. “She looked at me and laughed too. It was just total shock. It happened so fast.”

Bell did not get the ball that was destined to be his. The Mahomes throw was picked off by another fan. Anyone would want a ball thrown by the Chiefs quarterback, but Bell said if he got that ball it would have been legendary.

“That would be awesome. He is my favorite quarterback in the league and he proves that he belongs where he is at,” Bell said. “He is a legend at 24.”

His wife’s phone broke in the accident, but Bell said he doesn’t want a new phone from Mahomes. There is one thing that Bell wants more than anything.

“If I could ask for anything from you,” Bell said, as if Mahomes was listening in, “give me a second shot at that ball. You gave Tyreek Hill another shot, let me show you what I can do.”

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