Joseph Kellogg Chiefs fan

Joseph Kellogg, son of Buchanan County Circuit Judge Dan Kellogg and a graduate student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, reacts to a stop by the Chiefs’ defense at Arrowhead Stadium.

Let it not be said that Joseph Kellogg doesn't wear his Chiefs fandom on his sleeve. And on the rest of his Patrick Mahomes jersey, for that matter.

Kellogg, who is the son of Buchanan County Circuit Judge Dan Kellogg, attended Sunday's AFC Championship Game pitting the Chiefs against the Tennessee Titans. During a critical second-quarter defensive stand, Kellogg -- like his father, clad in the appropriate colors and wearing headgear -- was picked up by a network TV camera boldly grimacing and nodding his approval of the successful effort to squelch a Titans' drive.

That seven-second clip quickly found its way to social media, with more than 130,000 views via Twitter as of late Tuesday night.

Kellogg told News-Press NOW he is proud of his longtime loyalty to the Chiefs and is always ready to support the team through such expressive emotions. But he also senses that his reaction could have come from just about any of his numerous cohorts packed into Arrowhead Stadium.

"I've heard all the stories about noise. I got to be one of 70,000," said Kellogg, a graduate student at the University of Missouri-Columbia. "I was feeling it" and was appreciating the "championship swagger" of the defense, he continued. "I don't think I could make that face again if you asked me."

His father was the first to become aware of the instant stardom, telling his son he thought the family appeared during the game's broadcast.

He didn't feel assured of the victory until the Sammy Watkins touchdown. He figures he's been to about eight Chiefs games, counting regular and postseason.

"We took the trip to Arrowhead when I was younger," he added, with the former training camp in River Falls, Wisconsin, also on that early itinerary.

The Kelloggs primarily like to watch the Chiefs play from the comfort of home, and that's the plan for Super Bowl LIV.

"It's been 50 years coming," Joseph Kellogg summarized of the experience. "We're going to have our hair on."

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