Governor Mike Parson

The Buchanan County Republican Central Committee hosted its rescheduled Lincoln-Reagan Day on Saturday.

State and local Republican seat holders and representatives gathered for a celebration of Lincoln-Reagan day.

The Buchanan County Republican Central Committee hosted the event, which is typically held in March or April. The delayed Lincoln-Reagan Day reception was held at St. Joseph Country Club.

Along with speeches by other Republicans, Gov. Mike Parson made his second visit to St. Joseph this week to deliver the keynote address. The other speakers included Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe and State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick.

All speakers noted the importance of 24 days until the election and the need for people to get friends out to vote. Parson said he's confident in the ability to have a fair election in the state of Missouri.

"I most certainly am, I've got all the confidence in the Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, who's doing a great job. I thank the legislators for putting a process in place so we could help the most vulnerable in our state. Still allow them to vote and protect them. But, most importantly, you have to protect the integrity of the election and the integrity of the vote. And, I think we do a really great job of that in Missouri. We always have, we always will," Parson said.

Parson thanked Missourians for support and prayers through the last few months. The indoor event brought out between 50 and 60 attendees, less than a handful of them were seen with masks. The event was located in Andrew County where there is no local mask mandate.

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