After funeral services this week, Leah Dawson’s parents are speaking out about their daughter.

Dawson’s mother, Tonya Eldredge, and stepfather, Travis Eldredge, are seeking answers in the death of the 23-year-old. Dawson’s body was found in Maysville, Missouri, on June 26 after an extensive law enforcement search.

“Leah was a very heart-warming person. She didn’t have a mean streak in her body,” Tonya Eldredge said. “I don’t know what Leah could’ve ever done to make somebody want to do that to her. She’s just not a mean person at all.”

The Eldredge family has received a large amount of support from people within their community surrounding their daughter’s case. The visitation on Tuesday and funeral Wednesday were filled with people sharing their condolences and love with the family.

“It was overwhelming, but we suspected it was going to be a good turnout because she was loved by a lot of people in the community, and a lot of people love us,” Travis Eldredge said. “Cameron (Missouri) is really good at supporting each other.”

The family is looking for justice as the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the case. No one has been charged related to Dawson’s death.

“We just want to let people know that we’ve found Leah and Leah has been put to rest, but it ain’t over,” Tonya Eldredge said. “We’re going to get justice for what happened to her, and I want everybody out there to see this, because somebody out there knows something and they’re just not talking.”

Kenneth Wykert, Dawson’s boyfriend, was the last person seen with her on June 5. He is in police custody on unrelated charges and last appeared in court on July 2.

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