A mom records her daughter, Cheyanne Reid, as she performs an original song for the Facebook live.

Lanham Music hosted a virtual talent show on Saturday afternoon.

The show took place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and featured different artists of all ages. 

Lanham Music lesson’s coordinator Tom Keller said that he thought it was a great opportunity to showcase some local talent.

“You know with the shutdown of COVID, I know myself as a performer and these other kids, they would just really love and grasp at that opportunity to be given the chance to perform. So we’re just happy to be that opportunity,” Keller said.

Guadalupe "Tony" Hernandez is a local musician who signed up on a whim with hopes of giving the community an insight at what he had to offer.

“This is a real opportunity to feature local talent. I would highly encourage the support of the local community to witness this and to be aware of this beautiful little town, little city and all it’s talent.”

A stage was set up with instruments available to those who were set to perform, but artists were also encouraged to bring their own instruments.

Nathan and Nicolas Hale were brothers who decided to perform. Nathan said having music was super helpful during these times.

“If you’re just bored and just like half of the time you’re just sitting on a chair staring into nothingness at a wall, instead you could be playing on the piano. I just like to play the music.”

The performances can be found at http://www.facebook.com/lanhammusic.

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