John Casey, a biology professor at Missouri Western State University, offers children a chance to touch a snake during a presentation at the 15th annual Super Science Saturday at Remington/Agenstein Hall on campus. Children had the opportunity to maneuver through a math maze, witness and conduct their own chemistry experiments, touch a variety of exotic creatures and much more.

Super Science Saturday is in its 15th year, and is only getting bigger.

Parents and children enjoyed spending Saturday learning about biology, chemistry, physics and math in a fun way.

From explosions with ethanol to volcanic eruptions with common household items, the event had a little bit of everything for science lovers.

Demonstrations included lightning, hot air balloon physics, severe weather tips from meteorologists, goo making and one of the more popular attractions — Casey’s Creatures.

Casey’s brought in a Burmese python, king snake, boa constrictor and tarantula, among other things. Many children — but not all — seemed to enjoy letting the enormous snakes wind around them.

“It kind of freaked me out,” Carly Battreall said.

Her brother, Ace, agreed, saying he didn’t like snakes but he enjoyed other things, such as the goo and necklace shrinking.

All of this played into the ultimate goal for Super Science Saturday.

“This topic of math and science is important because we want kids to see that it’s fun,” said Kathy Reno, public relations officer for the St. Joseph Museums Inc. “We want to get them thinking about going maybe into a career in the math or the sciences.”

In today’s digital world, getting hands-on experience in math and science may help push people to new experiences.

“I think they get a lot of confidence out of it,” Ms. Reno said. “And I see them stick with something that they don’t get at first until they do get it, which is they don’t give up. At Super Science, they don’t give up as easily, for whatever reason, probably because they’re having a good time.”

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